Category: Family

  • Covid 19

    It’s safe to say Covid 19 has brought about So.Many.Changes. and photography is no exception! When you book with me this fall, we want to keep safety at the forefront more than ever! Here are some changes you can expect: We won’t hug or shake hands. 🙁 It is a bummer! I know many of…

  • The J Family + Grandparents!

    I don’t know how many times I have said how much I love it when grandparents make it to the family session. But I will say it again! Bring the grandparents, it is my absolute favorite! The grandparents will love the photos, the parents will love the photos, and most importantly perhaps is that the…

  • Extended Family in Madison, CT

    See all my previous posts about how much I love photographing extended families! Getting everyone together and actually documenting is an awesome thing!

  • Photographers photographing other Photographers

    Nervous. Well to be honest, I am nervous before every shoot. Yes, really. Every single one. Whether it is my best friend (sometimes especially because it’s my best friend and I want it to go perfectly) or if it’s someone I just met, I am nervous. Take that nervous up times 25 or so when…

  • The Lee Family – Madison Neighbors Magazine

    I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the lovely Lee Family last month for the Madison Neighbors Magazine.