If you’re considering a Photo Shoot with Kathryn Schauer Photography, and you’re not sure what kind of location you would like, scroll through these images for inspiration!

Local Parks

We have some of the most beautiful parks here along the Connecticut shoreline. There are scenic outlooks over the water, hay fields, wildflowers, rock walls, beautiful barns, we have it all. These parks are all along the shoreline.




Parks with Beach or water options

If you have an album in mind, it is nice to get as much variety in your session as possible. Parks that are along the water, and allow dogs, are a great way to mix in some photos with green spaces, as well as water shots.





If you love the Connecticut Beaches, sometimes the best location for your photo shoot is on the beach!  I can capture sandy noses, wet tails, and dogs smiling as they swim! Usually I can mix in some shots on the rocks along the beach to add a little variety to your session.




On the Town

Have a city dog?  Or just love the architecture of the surrounding towns, an urban session is for you!



At Home

Inside your home, and in your own yard can also be an option for photos if we are photographing your horse, cat or ailing dog.  Horses and cats are typically most comfortable in their own homes or paddocks, so I will come to you.  If your dog is not well, an at home photo session is a great option over bringing the dog out to unfamiliar locations.




There are a lot of other photo shoot locations which are seasonal, such as orchards and wildflower fields, and parks with a lot of rocky terrain (which are not available in winter due to icy conditions). If you have something in mind for your photo shoot, please feel free to call or email me at 203-710-9945 or [email protected] to discuss.


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  1. Hi Kathryn, I am a fellow local photographer (kids, families, weddings mostly) but I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I love your work! I have 1 dog (another puppy coming 12/20) and 2 cats so I am a huge animal lover 🙂 Your work is awesome and I just wanted to reach out and give you some well deserved props!!