About Me

Where to begin!?  It is a bit awkward to talk about yourself in these bio pages, but I guess it must be done!   I grew up on a farm, we always had a dog, a horse or two, among other animals.  I will begin with Rose, a cocker spaniel I had as a child.  I remember going to see her, at a home full of fleas, and who knows what else, and thinking that I loved her immediately.  My Mother tried to talk me out of this skinny, back yard breeder, insect-covered pup, but I was adamant that this was a great dog for our family.  We took her home and after a good flea dip, she lived with us for 14 years plus!

Then came Lou.  Louisiana Sunrise to be exact, that was her racing name.  Lou, was a big Thoroughbred mare and she quickly became my whole world.  We met her in somewhat of a starved state, she hadn’t made much money on the track, and at 16.3 hands she was turned out to pasture without grain.  She was emaciated, had a rough coat and no manners, and in need of someone to love her.  I was that someone!  She bucked me off the first time I rode her!  She was never an easy ride, but man was she beautiful!  She turned heads wherever she went.  Once healthy, she had the softest, shiniest, bay coat you could ever dream up.  She and I worked out a lot of things together, and I am a better person thanks to her!

Despite my Mom pestering me over and over I never had professional photos taken of either Rose or Lou.  I have some nice photos of them, sure.  But I never consented to a real photo shoot.  I would give anything for one of those now!

So now you know a little about my start with animals.  Now a bit about my photography:

I began my professional pet photography business in 2009, after volunteering to take photos for STLRR in Houston, and photographing my own dog and my foster dog relentlessly!    The floppy ears, the wagging tails, the whiskers, the soulful eyes, I love to capture it all.  I also like to incorporate your pets into your family portraits whenever possible.  Pets are part of the family, too!  Both pet photography and family photography represent moments in your life that are seemingly over in a second, and you often wish you had captured more of them.  I believe that everyone should have the people and pets they love captured beautifully and on display in their home.  I know how important these photos will become in the future because I’ve been in the position of not having any.

In addition to chasing after my son Colin, who is now five, I donate as much time as possible to the Branford Animal Shelter to photograph their adoptable animals for their website and adoption events.

Two years ago, I was accepted into HeARTs Speak which is an organization dedicated to helping animals find homes.  I am so happy to be a member and my work in the area shelters and with rescue groups helps the HeARTs Speak mission.

I’m currently living in Guilford, CT and surprisingly this Texan is loving it!  If you want to get in touch with me, use the Contact form on this blog, or email me at [email protected].

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