Covid 19

It’s safe to say Covid 19 has brought about So.Many.Changes. and photography is no exception!

When you book with me this fall, we want to keep safety at the forefront more than ever! Here are some changes you can expect:

  • We won’t hug or shake hands. 🙁 It is a bummer! I know many of you I have photographed for years and you are my friends! This year we will do air hugs and physically distant high fives!
  • We will reschedule if you’re not feeling well. No exceptions. I am very flexible with rescheduling due to illness and this year we have to be extra careful.
  • I won’t come very close to you or your family to assist with posing. I’ll keep my distance and ask you to move a hand or swipe hair out of faces from afar.
  • I’ll use my longer lens more. Close up images may look a little bit different from years past, but you will still get a great amount of variety.
  • I’ll be wearing a mask. That kind of goes without saying, right? You won’t be able to see my face very well, so I’ll try to over communicate to compensate.
  • Props may be different. I won’t able to use my blankets more than once, so you’ll see different options. Or you might want to bring your own if that makes you more comfortable.

Do you have a suggestion or anything to add to this list? Let me know!

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