Many inquiries contain the same questions, so I’ll try to answer them for you here:

What if my dog can’t be off lead?

That is not a problem!  I put the safety of the pet before anything else and I prefer the pet stays on a leash!  I simply remove the leash in Photoshop after the photos are taken.  I do ask that your pet be in a flat collar as opposed to a martingale style collar.  To see a before and after of leash removal, click here.

What if it rains on my Portrait Session date?

In the case of bad weather we will reschedule to the next mutually agreed upon date.  In the days leading up to your Portrait Session, we will be in contact to discuss the weather forecast and possible rescheduling in the case of dark, overcast days, rain, snow, or high winds.

What if my dog is not well behaved?

No special training is required before a photo shoot!  I regularly photograph shelter dogs who have no training (or manners in some cases), so I have a lot of experience dealing with dogs who do not know ‘sit’ or ‘stay’.  I can work with the dog to find a way to photograph them.  I might ask you to help me position the dog, or I might work independently with him.

What if my kids are not well behaved?

Sometimes kids can be a wildcard!  As a Mom I know how much planning goes into a photo session and how much you want it all to go smoothly.  I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve that will help ease the kids into having fun and leaving those forced smiles behind.  Typically kids leave a session saying that it was a lot of fun!

What if my pet is ill?

If your pet is ill, we need to make an effort have the photo shoot as quickly as possible.  We might want to do the session in your home if your pet isn’t up to going out, or we might choose a location where walking is limited.


Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.


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