Special Photo Sessions


Joy Photo Sessions
Roscoe in his favorite bed

If you have a pet in failing health and would like to have photos taken of them, I will do everything possible to squeeze in a special photo session on short notice.  I can come to where your pet is comfortable, in their favorite bed or chair often makes the best photos of your pet.  I understand that your pet is part of  your family and want to capture them beautifully and respectfully.  Photos of your pet will even more important  in the coming years, let me photograph you and your pet in a way that will bring a smile to your face, long after the hard goodbye.

I’m a registered photographer with JoySession.com:  “CELEBRATING YOUR PET’S LIFE. Whether they’ve been with us for a short time or a lifetime, pets make a huge impact on our lives, and saying goodbye is one of the hardest things we’ll have to do.”  “These beautiful, yet heartbreaking sessions highlight your relationship together and the love you share before they pass.”

If you are concerned about your pet’s health and would like to talk about a special photo session, please contact me at [email protected], or by phone 203-710-9945 to schedule a session as soon as possible.

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