Three Seasons Sessions

Quickly becoming one of my most requested sessions, the Three Seasons Sessions is perfect for just for both dog and horse lovers.  If you have a puppy, you can use the Three Seasons as Puppy, Adolescence, and Adulthood since they progress through each stage so quickly.  If you have an adult dog or horse already, then use the Three Seasons Session to capture the beauty of your dog or horse against three of your favorite backdrops.

Here is one example of a few shots from each session, puppy during the winter on the beach, adolescence during summer on the marsh, and adult dog during winter in the snow:

Three Seasons Session

We made this into a beautiful album that will definitely be treasured 🙂

Here is another example, an older dog (you would never know, this guy has spunk!) photographed at the height of the fall colors, on the beach during winter, and in the lavender (his Mum’s favorite) during summer:

Three Seasons Session

His album looks amazing!  You can view it here.