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  • Holiday Card Photos with K9 Sonny

    K9 Officer Sonny came by the Petsy Shop last night and I had so much fun photographing him! What a beautiful dog! I got to chat with Officer Frey about Sonny’s training and his everyday duties on the force. This dog is truly impressive! You can follow their adventures on Instagram at SonnyGram. To book…

  • In Studio Holiday Photos

    In Studio Holiday Photos

    I will be offering Holiday Photos again this year! These sessions are indoor studio sessions, and are perfect for that Christmas Card Photo, or for gifts for family members. The setup will be slightly different this year, think a snazzier couch, and maybe an even bigger wreath!  It’s coming together now and will be ready…

  • Holiday Photo Wrap Up Part I

    Holiday Photo Wrap Up Part I

  • Copper & Carbon’s Christmas Card Session

    These two big guys couldn’t have been more loveable during their Christmas Card Session!  And believe me they are a whole lotta love! Copper and Carbon are the official mascots of Asterisk in Old Saybrook, CT.  And now you get the metal references 🙂 Copper is is Newfie mix and Carbon is all Newfoundland.  They…

  • Limited Edition Holiday Photos

    Limited Edition Holiday Photos

        To book your session:  https://LimitedEditionHolidayPhotos.acuityscheduling.com/ Or contact me at [email protected]