Tag: Connecticut Pet Photography

  • Benny Out on the Town, Again

    Benny got a hall pass again and made the news! This link shows you Benny out on the town as well as some dog friendly places for you to frequent this summer:  http://wtnh.com/2016/05/13/8-pet-friendly-places-in-connecticut-for-the-summer/      

  • Sneak Peek: Floppy

    Oh Flopster, Floppy, the Flopper, I know he must have so many nick names! I saw that his dog walkers call him Muppet, which seems fitting as well. He is such a fun dog! You may remember seeing him on my website before, or on my cards, or marketing materials 🙂 I love his look…

  • Welcome May

    May has to be one of my favorite months for photography in Connecticut!  Here’s a shot of Tucker from last year!

  • Floppy in the Spring Time

    Floppy in the Spring Time

    It was so fun to see Floppy again recently!  You might remember him from his Spectacular Fall Session. We met up in Hamden and took advantage of the beautiful spring blooms in season!  I wish they would hang around longer than a week.  Can someone please arrange that for me??  There were crab apples in full…

  • Tongue Out Tuesday

    This week’s image is one major Tongue Out Tuesday!