Madison Extended Family Session

Check out this beautiful Madison Extended Family Session!

I was thrilled when a fellow Madison photographer passed this inquiry on to me.  She couldn’t take the session but I was so happy to do it!  If you have followed my page for a while, you know that I love extended family sessions!  Sometimes they are called Multi-Generational photo sessions, but no matter what you call them, they are so much fun!

We typically start with the shot that I know Grandma has her heart set on – the group photo.  Sometimes that varies but I would say it is always in the top 3 most important photos:

Madison Extended Family SessionThe second photo tends to be grandparents with all the grandchildren.  Parents, it’s all about the grandchildren, isn’t it?  We just deliver them to the grandparents for spoiling and are otherwise forgotten.  🙂

Madison Extended Family SessionAnd the photo Grandma wants 99% of the time, a shot of all the grandchildren!

Madison Extended Family SessionBefore the session starts we always discuss her “must haves” and these are usually the ones they cannot live without.  I start with those because most of the time the children are the most cooperative for posing at the beginning of the shoot.  That isn’t always the case, but we get a feel for the order of the shoot in the first few minutes and I can formulate a plan in my head.

Next up, more group photos!  If the group shot is really important, I want to deliver that image in as many different ways as I can:

Madison Extended Family Session

And another standing group photo shot:

Madison Extended Family Session

Next I start to work with individual family groups:

Madison Extended Family Session

Madison Extended Family SessionThis family took some time to look through my website and saw my Lovey Project.  The twin girls brought their loveys!

Madison Extended Family Session

We aren’t done yet:

Madison Extended Family SessionMadison Extended Family SessionMadison Extended Family Session

Secrets among sisters 😉

Madison Extended Family Session

Some more family shots:

Madison Extended Family SessionI like to end these shoots by just having some fun with the kids.  They love it when the posed part is over, and we end it on such a fun high note:

Madison Extended Family SessionMadison Extended Family Session

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