A trip home…

I unexpectedly took a very short trip home recently, and was able to capture a few images from my Mother’s home.

This is Hobo  🙂 He was a very sad case at the beginning;  he came up to Mom’s house a timid, injured stray dog, in dire need of some groceries.  A very sweet boy with nice manners, and a good alerter of snakes, he has found himself a home. 

Katie Kitty on the walk.  I love the light in this one. 

A friendly face in the pasture:


2 responses to “A trip home…”

  1. I just love your photography! I thought I’d start at the beginning and just read this. What a happy ending for Hobo…so glad he found a home with your Mother! Katy Kitty is gorgeous!

    • Thank You Janet for the comment! Hobo is so happy there, and they have since adopted another lab mix, Trixie! Hobo and Trixie 🙂