Category: Dogs

  • Grey Hair?

    Roscoe says, “Not me!” At 11.5 he does have quite a few (Not that I am pointing any fingers  :P)

  • A new place…

    I haven’t posted in quite a while, we’ve had a lot going on and Roscoe and I have been getting settled in our new place in Connecticut.   We arrived in May, and I’m just getting back into the swing of things. Roscoe says life is alright: More posts to come soon…

  • Meet Sadie!

    This darling lab was my helper when I shot some maternity photos recently.  What a sweetheart, hopefully we’ll see more of her in the future.

  • Roscoe does Downtown!

    I turned a trip to the dreaded DMV into a photoshoot for my favorite pooch.  This graffiti wall is a favorite among Houston area photographers, and I think I like it for something fun and different.  It’s right across the street from Elizabeth Baldwin park which has some gorgeous trees and a short walking trail. 

  • Four Fabulous Labradors!

    Just before Christmas I was able to photograph Four Fabulous Labradors for two wonderful lab owners, Amy and Scott.  They have a beautiful home in the Heights that served as the perfect backdrop.  What a wonderful Labrador pack, I so enjoyed meeting them all.  Here are a few shots from the morning: Duke, a chocolate labrador and a very enthusiastic…